It’s Fabulous 

 My new blog friend Madilyn from presented me with a Fabulous Blog Ribbon! I must say thank you again to Madilyn because it really made my day to be recognized, so Thank you again!! Madilyn has an amazing, and fabulous blog where you can find anything from a lesson in History, a good laugh on day when you need it, or if you are craving anything chocolate, you will be sure to find some sweet treats that will satisfy that craving. Check out her blog and you will see what I am talking about.

Here’s what I need to do in accepting this award:

  1. Post the rules on my blog.

  2. Name five of my most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.

  3. Name five things I love.

  4. Name five things I hate.

  5. Pass the ribbon along to five other bloggers. (Leave them a comment to notify them of their win).

OK, here goes…

Five of my most fabulous moments:

  1. Becoming a mother.

  2. Travelling in Italy 5 different times.

  3. Having the nickname “Flash” when I was a teen because I use to race, and I was so fast :) Gotta get my running shoes back on!

  4. Finding my true passion in what I love to do, and what I am good at, which is my passion for cooking.

  5. Being married to my husband. He is my everything.♥

Five things I love:

  1. My Son
  2. Anything with chocolate in it
  3. Fishing 
  4. Shopping
  5. My shoes from Italy

Five things I hate:

  1. Having to look all over the house for laundry that should be in the laundry hamper.
  2. Any creepy crawlers 
  3. Crazy drivers, especially people who talk or text on their cell phones while driving
  4. Mushy food
  5. Watching people cry on T.V.

Passing along the Fabulous Blog Ribbon (and it was really, really difficult to pick just five!). I invite everyone to check out their fabulous blogs:

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I think that All my blog friends are fabulous, so you are all welcome to take a ribbon!
Have a fabulous day!